Wednesday 29 June 2011

Crazy DJ

A very old sketch from back in my high school days. Still one of my favourites though. :)

Just a nice painting.

I might get in trouble for posting this, but I've taken the risk because I simply love the pic. It's one of my favourite pieces so far.

The baby in the painting is actually my old college friend Nadine again. She requested this commission for her parents anniversary.
I love the warm retro feel ... and the loving expressions on her parents faces. It really was a sweet reference photo to work with.

Nadine, if you happen to read this, apologies if I've taken liberties with a fairly personal photo. If it's of any consolation, I only get about 2 people viewing my blog a month, and one of them is me. Lol.

Rotoscope animation,

This was an animation that I did a few years ago for my final project at University.
The guy rapping is my old multi-talented uni buddy, Jason 'Wan-Cee' Nwansi (Scroll further down to see his caricature).

To be honest I have mixed emotions about it when I see it these days. I always think about how certain parts could be improved or tweaked. But, overall it is a solid first time attempt at Rotoscoping, and I'm honoured that Jason still promotes it alongside his other more official promotional videos.

Nadine (Chalk on black card)

The lady in the pic is my old college friend, Nadine. A really cool person, and also a very talented illustrator. She's given me a lot of great advice about how to tackle this illustration hustle, for which I'll always be grateful.

The chalk sketch took literally 10 minutes to do. It was really a case of focusing on the relevant highlights and letting the black card do all the hard work.
It's also a good reminder to myself that I don't always have to go all out with little details... Simple sketches can be just as effective.

Gil Scott Heron (Work in Progress)

I've always been a huge admirer of the man. His lyricism and music has had the power to lift and inspire my whole day at times. The news of his passing last month was unfortunately not surprising, considering his gaunt appearance and fairly public troubles with drugs, etc, but still nonetheless devastating to hear.

So.... here is my tribute piece to the late great Gil Scott Heron. Still a work in progress as you can see, but to be honest I kinda like it in this sketchy form. I can't resist adding more to it though, so keep an eye out for the finished result. Hopefully it'll do the great man justice.

Monday 27 June 2011

Francesco Totti

A.S. Roma's legendary Francesco Totti. A painting dedicated to my girlfriend's Roma mad cousin, Walter. ('',)