Wednesday 2 February 2011


Yeeeeaaaah, I'm a big Arsenal fan....Haters hold your gums.
For those that might not know, this talented old man is Arsene Wenger, legendary manager of Arsenal football club (soccer).

To date this is still my favourite piece of artwork. Not so much because of the finished result, but mainly because of the feeling while doing it.

It was one of those rare effortless moments where I just zoned out 100% into a pure and complete sense of focus. Didn't feel worried about losing likeness while exaggerating, or under/over using values, everything just .... flowed (Cheesy, I know. Lol). Came out pretty neat too. New years resolution....Need to get that vibe on a regular basis.


  1. i love this photo,as ugly as wenger in this

  2. brilliant. love it!