Thursday 5 June 2014


I've been neglecting my beloved blog for way too long. Shameful! Well what better way to get things back on track then to post a commissioned piece done for 2 very talented rappers.
Back in October 2012, I did a promotional t-shirt design for UK soul legend, Omar Lyefook (Scroll down on here to October 2012 to Check it out).
A few months later he posted the illustration as his profile picture on Facebook. The response was unbelievably positive. All of a sudden my FB message inbox was flooded with compliments, add requests, and potential projects. One of the projects that stood out was from Si Phili (Formerly of Phi-Lyfe-Cipher).
We pretty much got on straight away, so when he asked if I could create an illustration for an upcoming album there was no hesitation. Anyway, long story short, above is the finished result, and it was damn fun to make.

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